Size Guide

Tall vs short


Upstand Original now comes in two size options, Small and Tall.


Upstand Tall                                                       

Height: 34cm                                                       

Width:   26.5cm                                                  

Length: 59cm             


Upstand Small 

Height: 28cm

Width: 26cm

Length: 59cm


Size Guide:

Use these steps to work out the best size for you: (Have your tape or ruler ready)

  1. Choose the best working surface you will use most regularly.

  2. Stand next to your work area and have a measuring tape ready.

  3. Hold your forearm up horizontally at 90 degrees as if you were typing.

  4. Measure from the desk to the base of your elbow. 

  5. Choose the Upstand desk that closely matches your elbow height (28cm Small & 34cm Tall).


Things to keep in mind:

  • The size of your screen / laptop / notebook.
  • The Upstand Original design incorporates enough room for a mouse, but that is all. A laptop and separate keyboard is generally not able to fit. 
  • The Upstand Original looks like wood, but it is made of sturdy polypropelene (plastic P5).
  • The Upstand (both sizes) holds up to 7kg.


Please note: If you have any questions about size options, please get in touch with us at, and we'd be happy to help you find the right size.