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  • The Upstand desk is proudly sustainable
  • The Upstand desk can be recycled (P5)
  • We make our Upstand in Australia with Australian materials
  • Displays a minimalist design
  • Can be folded flat for easy storage
  • Is lightweight and portable with carry handle
  • We can provide customised printing to our desks


Upstand Original now comes in two size options, Small and Tall.


Dimensions when in use:

Upstand Tall                                                       

Height: 34cm                                                       

Width:   26.5cm                                                  

Length: 59cm                                                     

Upstand Small 

Height: 28cm

Width: 26cm

Length: 59cm


Dimensions when folded flat:

Upstand Tall

1.5cm high x 59 cm wide x 68.5 cm long.

Upstand Small

1.5cm high x 59cm wide x 62.5cm long.


Weight: 1kg (light weight but sturdy material).

Tested to hold: Weight of up to 7kg

Material: The Upstand is made from polypropylene, which is a recyclable material P5.

Colour: We use a colour imitating the colour of cardboard. Due to printing techniques, colours and designs may vary in each print run. 

Legal: The Upstand stand-up desk is a uniquely patented design.


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