Recycling & Sustainability

Our values: Recyclable / Sustainable / Earth Friendly / Forward Thinking

From the beginning, our business wanted to produce a product which was environmentally sensible, and commercially sustainable. We believe strongly in using recyclable and sustainable products, and we try to embed recycling and sustainability into the process of manufacturing too. For eg, re-processing used thermoplastics into new products, we believe is a smart and sustainable way of doing business. It's the way of the future and we want our clients to have the opportunity to make a positive impact too!

Sustainability: Upstand prides itself on continually looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are doing this by reducing waste during manufacturing processes, shorter printing times (printing techniques), packaging, freight, emissions and waste we use or produce during the process. 

Environment: We are passionate about our Earth. We are passionate about learning how we can work smarter and make a positive impact environmentally. Did you know Australia produces almost 3 million tonnes of plastic per year of which 91% is NOT recycled!! Up to 130,000 tonnes of that plastic will wind up in the ocean each year. It is predicted that by mid century there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. This figure is astounding - designing a product from used plastic makes sense. It also seems sensible to make something which in turn has health benefits for the customer. Win win! 

Code: On most plastic jars, containers and other packaging of products you buy, you'll find what's generally accepted as the recycling logo  with a number in the middle and sometimes letters underneath stamped into the plastic. Basically, the numbers in the triangle indicate the grade of plastic, the resin ID code. 

How we recycle: The product we use to make our stand-up desk is recycled corflute . In some instances off-cuts of corflute are kept and then re-processed into new products like ours!

How you can recycle: When you feel the desk has had it's day you can pop it in your yellow recycling bin!

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