Upstand now on Amazon Launchpad!!

Upstand now on Amazon Launchpad!!

Upstand now on Amazon Launchpad!


Today we want to write about an exciting opportunity that has come our way, to keep our customers and followers up to date on all things Upstand!


We’d love to share this journey with you, because we feel it’s important to keep our followers updated. We also wanted to say we’re here for the long run, we’re not just a one product shop. Matt, the Upstand Founder and Product Designer, is sketching non-stop. He has built further prototypes, and we’re in the process of getting these products made and ready to sell! So there will be more blogs about these products in the coming weeks and months!


A few months ago, we received an email from Amazon Launchpad… yes Amazon were writing to us! Very exciting! We weren’t sure at first what Amazon Launchpad was, so we delved into doing some research about it. Basically, it’s an online marketplace, part of Amazon, aimed at selling up and coming innovative products, Australia wide. Businesses usually have to apply to get the chance to advertise their products, and there are certain criteria you must meet to be able to advertise. We can say quite proudly that Amazon Launchpad were interested in us, and we were assisted to get things up and running.


We were excited about the prospects of reaching more customers, but all the same had to really think hard about the direction of our business. In the end it was a no brainer, as the chance to be able to advertise our product to a wider audience was very exciting, and one we have now taken on board.


We launched Upstand approximately 3 weeks ago now on Amazon Launchpad, which is hugely exciting for us. We’re excited to see how this opportunity unfolds and develops over time.


Check out Amazon Launchpad here and if you want to look for us, we’re able to be found in the Home Office Products section, or just search "Upstand".


If you have any comments or feedback, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you. Our email is


Bye for now and happy Monday!


Managing Partner at Upstand.

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