Upstand expands with a new size option!

Upstand expands with a new size option!

Launching Upstand Small



We at Upstand are still quite a new business, and today we wanted to start writing little snippets of our journey as a business. We might try to do this on a regular basis, to keep our customers and website visitors up to date with our thoughts, plans and updates. 

Since our launch date, now a year ago this month (August 2019), we've learned so much not only about the processes and practical steps of setting up a business.. things like setting up postage options and the all important website design, but we also have really delved into the life of our customers... learning about how to meet their needs on an individual level. 

We've had some great feedback about our original design, it's uniqueness, the affordability, it's environmental standpoint to name just a few. What Upstand truly wants to do though, our vision..  is to make products that suit all walks of life, and we have listened to the feedback.. and this in turn has helped us to shift some of our focus on details that matter. 

One of the main pieces of feedback we noticed, from very early on, was that the original Upstand design was one size, which suited many customers but also wasn't ideal for some of our shorter or smaller customers. The Upstand Founder, Matt O'Sullivan, listened to this bit of feedback and ran with it. For a few months sketches were drawn, prototypes were made, to get to a perfect small to medium size desk. The house, you could say, was an abyss of cardboard! Matt, being the perfectionist he is, had to get the measurements exact and precise. He worked hard on the new Upstand small design, often getting friends and family to feedback their honest opinions. 

Now as we head into August 2020, Matt has perfected the small size, and we can start to officially advertise and sell it. We ordered stock which is all now ready to go! 

Some quick facts about the size differences, for those wondering minds:

Upstand Tall                                                       

Height: 34cm                                                       

Width of area where laptop sits: 26.5cm             

Length: 59cm                                                      

Upstand Small

Height: 28cm

Width: 26cm

Length: 59cm

  • Both desks hold up to 7kg
  • Both desks fold flat and are identical in design
  • Both desks have the carry handle cut out

So there you have it! Our second size option, the Upstand Small... now ready to go! Such a feeling of achievement to get smaller sizes out to those who need it. We're hoping to gain some feedback on the new size too... so if you purchase one, please let us know what you think and get in touch!!

Write to us at if you have any feedback or questions, as we'd love to hear from you!

Bye for now,

Emma at Upstand.

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