Upstands NEW packaging solution?

Upstands NEW packaging solution?

Since starting Upstand I've come to realise how important it is to have a robust, attractive and sustainable package solution.

Our packaging creates a first impression, it's the first thing an Upstand customer sees and handles. I'm always inspired how every product released by Apple has a consistency between packaging and product... I still have the box my new iphone came in 3 years ago!! 

Up until about 4 months ago our package solution was only serving it's purpose to protect during transit. We would consume rolls of bubble wrap and sticky tape and all I used to think was how unsustainable and unproductive our packaging was...we could do better.

In spite of our ordinary packaging the orders keep coming and it was only a matter of time till we needed to upgrade and find a solution. Fast forward to now and I can happily say not only did we find a solution we found a local company to  manufacture our desk covers. Now all our packaging is sustainable and also includes our logo. 


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