The Upstand Rise far

The Upstand Rise far

The new Upstand RISE desk is the first desk I designed back in 2017. I was initially going to release the RISE design as our first product launch but it didn't end up working out that way. When we finally launched our website in 2019 it was the Upstand ORIGINAL that became our first product to market.

In late September 2020 I began to revisit the Upstand Rise design and felt that this was the next product to release. October 2020 was a month of sketching and building prototypes. Then November 2020 was when I received the first 1:1 scale prototype for review. And now in Feb 2021 I'm just about to collect the second 1:1 prototype to play with. It's taken a little longer than anticipated but so worth it!

A couple more things to get through but well on our way to releasing our next Upstand soon.

Talk soon.

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